What I do

WordPress plugins, themes and custom apps!

My main focus over the last 5 years are custom WordPress / Woocommerce solutions. This includes crafting themes from scratch, implementing solutions with the majority of the most popular plugins and creating custom ones, creating rest API based apps / SaaS model, doing security audit, speed optimization and reducing server recources. The list is long, so if you have something challenging just ping me.

Laravel, Codeigniter, you name it!

If you want 100% custom PHP application then using some popular MVC framework is a must. I have experience with many of those PHP frameworks, but my best bet is always Laravel.

Just a pixel-perfect front end? You got it!

My front-end workflow consist of writing proper W3C HTML Markup and modern CSS3 using SASS preprocessing all the time. Animations ( if any ) are done in pure CSS, but for the bolder projects GSAP is my secret weapon.

JavaScript? Ofcourse.js

In a world of rapidly evolving JavaScript frameworks, I try to stick with VanillaJS where I can, with jQuery where I can't and with Vue.js or React where I need to.

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Have a project on demand or just want to say hi? Contact me to discuss whatever you need.

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