When it comes to paid traffic , the use of banner advertising is one of the most used and oldest marketing solutions. Mainly because it requires much less work and the exposure is longer. As with the offline marketing with online marketing the concept is simple:

You find a site with many visitors and rent a  space on their page ( usually for 30 days ), and then you put your chosen banner of the rented place. Their visitors now can see your banner,so  you get clicks and traffic.


But is it as effective as you should expect?

In practice, things are not so easy. Let me try to simplify the steps required for your first successful banner campaign.

First condition is to decide what to advertise ( website , blog , single page, etc.). In affiliate marketing the  most preferred forms are squeeze page (if you want to build your list) or landing page ( for different CPA offers).


Once you have selected your URL, it is time to choose the appropriate banner. If you’re good with Photoshop, you can quickly make a banner , according to your own preferences. But most of us do not have the time and/or the knowledge and often we choose to pay someone to make it. Fiverr is gaining more and more popularity on the web. There you can find people, who are willing to make you a banner for $ 5.  Isn’t that a deal ?

Once you have completed the banner, you have to find a place to put it. One of the most popular sites for this purpose is buysellads.com. It’s like a classifieds website for banner place advertisers. Thebuysellads_neshablere you will find many websites with good amount of monthly visitors and for each site you have statistics such as:

  • Monthly Impressions
  • Banner Locations
  • Price


Here comes the slippery part . Be selective with the sites and check in advance where your banner will be placed. Some websites offer attractive price for relatively high impressions and the reason for this is the low placement of the banner , which in turn leads to a very few clicks (low CTR).

My Personal Example Of Bad Ad!


The last step is to complete the  payment of the price and uploading the banner. With buysellads.com you can upload more than one banner and you can split-test which accepts most clicks and thus gaining more CTR ( more clicks ).

Track the results and if you are satisfied with them, you can continue to use the services of this website. Otherwise, be sure to remove the auto-renewal option of your campaign.