Freelancing industry is growing by each and every year.  More and more people prefer the comfort of working whenever and wherever they want.

And often times the work-life balance they are getting is better.

And if you have wondered what is the fastest way to make money online – this is it! Freelancing is the quickest and easiest way to generate online income.

But it is easy to begin on your own? Let’s see.

The first thing that is required from you is ACTION. Go out and find your prospects. But how?

I want to show you some free ways, which I have successfully used to find some prospects for my web development services, but they are also applicable to other services as well.

All methods are fairly easy to use and don’t require any additional software or paid service.

#1 Local Business Directory

The point here is to find local businesses who don’t have a website at all.

To achieve that, go to your country’s top business local directory and begin searching for businesses in your niche (if you don’t have specific niche, begin with one at a time, for example – restaurants).

In order for this method to work properly,  check every listing and make sure that every business  you see has these 3 conditions in place:

  • They don’t have a link to a website ( duh! )
  • Their contact email is generic e.g., (this is a good sign that they don’t have a domain, therefore website)
  • They don’t have any brand website e.g. (check for domain name with their company name – if it’s free then you have a winner!)

With all that being true, you have one  good potential client. All you have to do now is to contact them explaining their problem and your solution.

#2 Elance and Upwork

Go where the business owners are already looking for what you have to offer.

Sign up for freelancing sites such as Elance or Upwork (I’ve used Upwork) and start searching for  different projects in your area of expertise.

There are hundreds of people and companies seeking individuals with the desired skills every single day. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay anything upfront, their free plan is more than enough to get you going.

Few important tips to increase your chance of landing a customer:

  • Make sure to complete your profile to 100% otherwise you won’t be taken seriously by most of the users.
  • Put a professional-looking photo of yourself.
  • Write unique about me section, focusing on what you can give to your customers.

#3 Offline Walk in the park

Finally go outside in your local area and start writing down every business that you see.

Besides doing some cardio, you’ll have valuable rough data.

When you go home, conduct a Google search for every written company name and seed those who don’t have a web presence.

It’s easy as it sounds.

You would be surprised how many businesses don’t have any web property at all …

Focus on those names and go offer them your services. Good technique to use here is to search for their direct potential competition with established website and use this proof against your prospect.

So get to work and share your results in the comments below. Also I urge you to share more methods, which you have successfully used to find web more clients.