Growing at a clip of millions of users per month, Pinterest is one of the hottest social media properties on the Internet.

Part content sharing and part social networking, Pinterest has a primarily female audience which continues to grow every passing quarter. This should not be surprising since most people are very visual in nature and Pinterest’s graphics-heavy orientation is a truly engaging feast for the eyes.


What is Pinterest after all


Pinterest is a picture pinboard where people place collections of pictures in their personal albums which can easily be shared or followed.

Just like Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest users can follow each other and be notified of the activities of the accounts they are following.getting_started_in_pinterest

If people want to find out more about a particular picture in their feed, they can simply click on the image to be taken to another website. This is the key feature that gets marketers excited about Pinterest.

If you share enough pictures, you can farm lots of targeted niche-specific clicks from Pinterest. However, to be successful with this social media platform, you must recognize the power of trust and credibility in social media marketing.


The more credible you are, the more followers you get and the wider the possible distribution of your marketing materials becomes.


Here are 4 solid tips that can help you get started and achieve some level of success with Pinterest.



#1 Focus on niche marketing




Just like with any other source of free traffic, the more targeted your message, the higher the chance you’ll attract your target audience.

You have to remember that with Pinterest, ‘more’ is not necessarily ‘good’. You would do better to attract less clicks as long as they are clicks from people you are targeting, people who have a higher likelihood of actually buying whatever it is you are pushing.


Stay focused on your niche. You are not targeting everyone. Make your pins stand out in their niche-specificity.


This way, your content does a lot of heavy lifting in terms of filtering people who would want to follow you on Pinterest.


#2 Research top people in your niche and follow them



The good news about Pinterest is that regardless of your niche, there is sure to be a member who is already specializing in that niche.

Instead of viewing them as competition, consider them allies.


They have already done some work in gaining the interest and loyalty of people you’re targeting. When you follow them you let them educate you as to the type of content to share in your niche.



#3 Share unique and branded quality pictures




Make sure to watermark all your pictures. Most people don’t get branded immediately.

They have to keep seeing a logo over and over for them to finally equate that logo with a particular url or value proposition.


By sharing pictures that sport your brand, you are educating your followers and the followers of people who share your pictures regarding your brand’s values. Don’t expect results overnight.

However, if you keep this up over the long haul, you can establish a solid brand on Pinterest.



People in your niche will equate your account and brand with the best quality pictures and content from your niche.



#4 Engage influential members and get them to follow you


As mentioned above, turn your competitors into your allies by following them. Engage them by sending them messages.

Don’t spam them!

Just engage them in such a way that they notice the value of your content. Let your content do the heavy lifting.

Once the value of your content offerings become abundantly clear to the people you’re following, they might follow you back and share your content with their followers.When this happens, expect a nice bump in traffic.

This takes a while to pull off but it is well worth it.


Final Words

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media communities on the Internet. Leverage its growth and massive user base by sharing targeted content. The more credible and trustworthy you are in terms of constant content sharing, the wider your reach will become.

Of course, these tips can make a massive difference if applied correctly, but we’ve only scratched the surface of what Pinterest can really do.

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