Probably onne of the most widely used methods for generating free traffic is through Forum marketing. And when done right, it can produce a huge amount of free targeted traffic.

But let’s be honest – there are some rules that needs to be followed.

You can’t just go to some forum and randomly post stuff like: “Hey visit my site”, “Hey, buy my product”, etc. It doesn’t work that way. And you will most likely receive a permanent ban from this forum.

This type of free exposure requires time and dedication. And marketing should be your number two priority. Before anything, try to provide a real value that helps.

OK, so let’s see the  steps needed to take in order  to play this game and to get actual results from the forum marketing itself.

Find a right forum

Find a forum, closely related to your niche. Or better yet – forum for your particular niche.

You don’t want to market a WordPress plugin to a baby forum, do you?

Do a quick Google search on your niche + “forum” and you will get decent results. Browse through them and pick your favorite.

Add a Signature

The first thing to check in the forum is the ability to add signature.

Make sure it allows signatures on your post. In the end, that’s probably the core of proper forum marketing and we definitely need it.

Some forums require at least 10-20 posts in order to activate your signature. Read through the rules to find out.

Next, register and place the link to your website/product in your signature. Usually this can be done within your profile.

Start Engaging

Now let’s do some work.

Begin to answer questions, offer valuable opinions, help people. Earn people’s trust and prove you are not “yet another spammer”. And of course, avoid random spam.

However, for this traffic generation method to generate maximum results, you have to take the time and effort needed to become a credible and trustworthy member of the community.


Simple! EDDG!


Don’t SPAM

Don’t send PRIVATE messages with promotions

Give valuable information.