As an experienced online marketer, I perfectly understand the benefits of using the right keywords for your campaigns.

I also understand just how difficult it can be to find such keywords. You can spent days searching for the perfect fit. The good news is that some great minds in the industry have created a software  that can allow online marketers to research and find quality keywords.

This software is called Long Tail Pro and it’s the industry’s leading solution for keyword research.

What is Long Tail Pro?

This software can be defined as keyword research tool developed specifically for niche site and online business specialists.

This tool was developed by a dedicated software developing team led by Spencer Haws with the aim of filling the void in the market place for people looking for low completion yet high quality long tail keywords.

This helps you cut down the amount of time as well as the effort to find  the much needed keywords by unveiling them for you.

This has come as a welcome relief to many people working on various search campaigns, me included.

How Does It Work?

Just to summarize, Long Tail Pro works by taking Google Keyword Data and presenting it in a nice, easy to use user interface.

It eliminates the need to access competition manually by calculating the competition of keywords in the major Search Engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing among others.

The tool aims at helping you search multiple keywords at the same time, automatically find domains, pre-filter keywords, generate as many as 800 per seed keyword, check rankings of sites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing and carry out competitor analysis on top 10 Google results.

The tool comes with a 10 day trial which includes all the above listed features.

If you make a one- time payment then you will access the same features after the expiry of the trial period. However, another offer called Long Tail Pro + Platinum comes with more features but require payment of a monthly subscription.

These features will allow you to calculate keyword competitiveness, import lists of keywords (up to 10,000 at once), save favorite keywords and create custom calculations from keyword results. It’s a perfect fit for small SEO businesses.

Pros of Long Tail Pro

From the above discussion, I bet any serious niche site or online business guy will pick out some pros associated with the use of this wonderful keyword search tool.

Based on personal experience, below are the main pros I found out after using this product.

  • This tool will allow you to find even the most hidden profitable buyer keywords within just a few seconds. The same cannot be said of the many other SEO and keyword research tools currently in the market.
  • Another great thing about the Long Tail Pro  is their customer support. The customer care team responds extremely fast and to the point. If you have any issues with the software, do not hesitate to contact them via the available platforms.
  • Unlike the other frustrating and cumbersome keyword research tools out there, Long Tail Pro is designed for simplicity. It comes with a how to video list that will enable even the newbies to use without any problem whatsoever.
  • If you choose the Long Tail Pro + Platinum offer, then you will have lifetime access to pro features, even if you cancel platinum subscription.

Cons of Long tail Pro

No great product misses criticism.

The question is whether such criticisms are valid. The only problem is that some vital features require you to make a monthly subscription after the one-time purchase.

While this may not be problematic for the most experienced online marketers, newbies may not be able to raise the one-time purchase plus the monthly subscription.

In case you have been burning the midnight oil and scratching you head to find the best keyword research tool then you now have your answer.

Long Tail Pro is the market’s leading keyword search software that will deliver more than just keyword research. Forget about the consuming, poorly explained, and quite cumbersome to use tools in the market and start realizing your financial goals.


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