301-redirectWhen you come to the world of affiliate marketing and begin to promote different products and offers, you quickly see that each affiliate has its own custom generated link. It’s usually very long and ugly, including random letters and numbers.

Example of affiliate link http://bccbd8oqjf3m1r7aw4ljs7k83a.hop.clickbank.net/

The goal of cloaking your affiliate link is to have shorter and prettier links, that build trust in your visitor and they are easier to remember.

It is much nicer to see link like this “http://yourdomain.com/offername” than this “http://bccdsfk834uehufekskaebfeksmsbefas845.hop.clickbank.net/“.

There are many websites offering that service (bit.ly, goo,gl) but I recommend using your own domain name for redirection.

1. FIRST METHOD – Redirect Script

In this method, we are creating redirecting pages using  HTML scripts. When visitor opens a page (for example “yourdomain/page.html”) he will be automatically redirected to specific URL.

The steps, that you need to take are:

Create  new simple text document on your desktop , open with notepad and paste the following code:


	<meta charset="utf-8" />
	<title>Redirect Page</title>
	<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=Here goes your link">	

Replace “Here goes your link”” with your desired URL and save the page as “page.html”.

Upload it somewhere on your server.

Your cloaked link now should be  http://yourdomain.com/page.html .

TIP: Use index.html to avoid typing the whole html file.

For example: Uploading index.html to directory www.yourdomain.com/goal  will give us the possibility to use www.yourdomain.com/goal instead of www.yourdomain.com/goal/index.html

2. SECOND METHOD – WordPress Plugins

There are lots of WordPress plugins that do this job.

The  one I use is Pretty Link . It’s very intuitive and easy to use and you can create redirection links in a matter of seconds.

To make things easier, I’ve done a quick tutorial on how to set up your plugin.

1. Install the plugin ( download from the link above or install directly from your dashboard ) and activate

Considering that you are familiar with WordPress and you know how to install a plugin.

2. In your admin dashboard you’ll see “Pretty Link” option. From this menu choose Add New Link

Pretty Link Plugin
Pretty Link Plugin

3. Type your destination URL

In the “Target URL*:” field put your affiliate link.

4. Type your “shorter, user-friendly URL”

In the Pretty Link*:” field, choose your redirection link ( chose whatever you like ).

And you are good to go. Your new pretty affiliate link is ready.Use your “Pretty Link” to access your “Target URL”

The best thing about this plugin is the option to track your hits.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this topic. What redirection technique do you use ?

Leave a comment below.