Many marketers mistakenly think that LinkedIN is a very restricted social network that people join if they want to get a job. While LinkedIN does make a lot of money for its ability to connect job seekers with employers, this is just the tip of the iceberg of benefits LinkedIN brings to the table.

In fact, this social network has many different features which any enterprising online marketer can turn into gold. You have to just look at LinkedIN as a source of traffic.

How can you get traffic from LinkedIN?


The same way you get traffic from Facebook or Twitter: when people see your updates and like an update (with a link) they link, they click and you get traffic. As you probably already know, the more traffic your target site gets, the higher the chance you make money.

LinkedIN’s many features can deliver quite a bit of traffic if you have enough connections because only people who are directly connected to you can see your updates.

Here are the top two ways to get more connections (and by extension, more free traffic) from this extremely popular social network.


First things first: build a killer profile


The name of the game with LinkedIN is to get lots of connection. If your profile looks half-finished or boring or, worse, a spam account, people wouldn’t waste their time connection to you.

You have to invest the right amount of time and effort to create a profile worth connecting to. Use a professional and clear picture. Compose your professional description properly. Take the time to research all the parts of your resume so the most relevant information is clearly displayed.

Make sure all the lines on your online profile scream out one united message: you are worth connecting to! Once you have done this, move on to the following traffic building tips.



Connect to people who have at least two connections shared with you


Go to the ‘People You May Know’ section of your LinkedIN dashboard, find all people who have at least two mutual connections with you. Why?

When you try to connect to someone you don’t know, chances are they might think you are a spammer or a scammer. When you are already connected to someone they know, some of the ‘credibility’ of the person you know in common extends over to you and the person you’re connecting to might give you the ‘benefit of the doubt’ and connect to you. Connect to as many people with at least two mutual connections as possible.

The more you do this, the wider your mutual connections and the more new people you can connect with.


Connect to LinkedIN groups and be a top contributor


You can’t build any connections if people don’t know you. You can get people to trust you by joining groups and contributing solid information. Your solid information builds trust and people would want to connect with you. Once you have these connections, you can then connect to other people’s networks to build out your connection network.

Alternatively, you can comment on group members’ posts and ask for them to connect to you.

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Make no mistake about it, LinkedIN is an untapped marketing goldmine. To maximize your results, you should focus on truly influential industry leaders.


When these people share what you post, their followers will click on your link, and some of their credibility will rub off on you. Next, boost your results by targeting only people that are clearly in the niche you’re targeting.

Don’t waste your time on people that aren’t clearly in your niche or target industry.