Did you know that study after study released by market research firms show that email is the most effective advertising platform?

In fact, email marketing blows search engine marketing right out of the water.

Social media doesn’t even come close. That’s how powerful email marketing is.

But of course, yhis should not come as a surprise.


Email marketing is based on the fact that your list members have given you express permission to talk to them.

They have given you the green light to send them your messages. Since most people normally scan through their email at least once per day, it is not hard to see why email is always the king of the marketing hill.

But If you want to unleash the power of email marketing, you need to sign up for an autoresponder service.


What is an autoresponder?


Autoresponder services like Aweber and GetResponse are web-based email services that use software to do the following:

  • Build and delete your lists
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe people to your lists
  • Confirm list members
  • Build and delete automated messages
  • Send out messages based on the schedule you set up
  • Track list statistics
  • Manage members

They offer these features in one easy to use web-based interface you can access from any corner of the globe that has Internet access.

Autoresponder services (or email marketing services) allow you to send emails in a sequence to people who signed up to receive such messages.


Why should you get an autoresponder?


Autoresponder services help you market on a 24/7 basis.


By setting up a series of emails, your list members, whether you have one member or one million members, get email with your marketing materials on them with no direct input on your part.

It is a ‘set it and forget it’ marketing system. When members of your list like what they see in an email, they click a link, buy, and you make money.

You end up making money passively. All thanks to your list.

This is all the reason you need to use an autoresponder. It makes running marketing campaigns easy and automated.


Which Autoresponder Service To Use


There are many premium web-based autoresponders such as – GetResponse, Aweber, iContact and others. They charge a small monthly fee for managing your account, but you can be sure that your emails will reach customer’s inboxes.

Of course, there are some “free” alternatives which I don’t recommend because they will kill your list …

The one I use and recommend with both my hands is GetResponse.

Very reliable service, easy to operate and configure and has  perfect delivery. You also get access to many premade signup forms and even squeeze page builder.

Plus you get your first 30 days for free!

Yes, that’s one free month.

They also provide wide section of video tutorials and guides so you can be up and running in no time!

Autoresponders provide an automated and powerful way to turn temporary traffic to your webpages into a pool of permanent buyers.

It all depends on the quality of your updates and how engaging your content is.

Spend the proper amount of time in composing quality list updates and you will be well rewarded.