The speed of your website is one of the most important factors for better user experience and better SEO ranking. Often times, those of us who rely on shared hosting, experience slow loading of the content, especially when you start to receive more and more traffic.

So What is CloudFlare?

The main purpose of CloudFlare is to protect and speed up any website. It’s a Content Delivery Network (or CDN for short) which optimize the delivery of your web pages to your visitors.

First it caches your static web content such as images, CSS files, and other files automatically. Then It speeds up your website’s loading time by delivering those cached files from the nearest place to the visitor.

It will show your pages even if your server is temporary down for some unknown reason, which is a great way to save you some embarrassment (it happens).

Other important benefit of using CloudFlare is increased security. It keeps track of potential threats such as spammers, DOS attacks, bots, or else, and block them before they do any harm.

At this point you probably are wondering how much is this going to cost me? Short answer – nothing. The basic plan is completely Free and easy to set-up.

Simply go to  and sign up for your free account. Follow the instructions and your website will be boosted within 5 minutes.

Good luck!