CPA marketing is also known as Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition and it’s one of the most popular methods to monetize your high-traffic website or simply to make some money online through paid traffic.

And it’s still growing in popularity with each and every day with the increasing demands.

The basics of CPA marketing are simple – You drive a visitor  to an OFFER and if he/she performs a certain ACTION, then you will get a commission based on the offer PAYOUT.

First, you can bring a visitor to given offer/page using different ways, from PPC and overall paid traffic methods, to using your Facebook group to promote offers.

If you already have the traffic in place, then it’s just a matter of figuring out which offer would fit to your audience. Mentioning OFFER, there are many offers available (both private and public) in almost every niche. From dating to insurance, everything is covered.

They all have different PAYOUT, which means the commission you will get for the specific offer.

Now the ACTION can be anything from a simple email submit, zip code submit, download and install an app, sale or other actions. At first sight it is much easier to get somebody to perform an action like entering their email address, than to enter their credit card details and buy something online. This is why CPA Marketing is one of the most effective monetization techniques for websites and blogs.

How much can you actually make with these type of offers?

The CPA payout  range is very wide – you can find simple email submit offers which pay around $0.50+ per lead (per email) and other more serious Forex/Casino offers which pay enormous amounts – sometimes more than $150 per lead.

Even better – if you deliver good quality traffic to these offers then you can negotiate the payout.

Where can I find such offers?

As I mentioned there are both private and public offers. The easiest way to get started is to sign up for one or more CPA networks. These networks are probably the core link in the CPA marketing industry.

On one end, there are advertisers,who want to get fresh leads. They contact the CPA network and make a deal with them about the amount they’re willing to pay for each lead/action.

On the other end are the publishers – people like you and me, who are ready to promote those offers and  bring leads/actions to the advertisers for a price. The more the better.

The CPA network is the link between the advertisers and the publishers and provide you with bunch of different offers in different niches, which you can promote and therefore get a commission.

In a nutshell, they are the “middleman” in this industry.

Are there CPA networks for beginners?

There are literally hundreds of CPA Networks across the web. You can easily get  overwhelmed by the variety this industry provides. And most of them are pretty complex with tons of features, which you don’t need if you are just starting out.

I personally have tried many CPA networks. Some of them are great, others have bad reputation of not paying to their publishers. The best two which are both reputable and suitable for beginners are PeerFly And MaxBounty.

On top of that they are:

  • Very reliable and trusted CPA networks and they always pay on time.
  • Easy to join and  a newbie-friendly.
  • Great at customer support – you have your own Affiliate manager who is always available for your questions.
  • Full with great offers with high payouts in different niches.

There you have it. If you have any other questions feel free to post a comment or contact me directly.

Good luck with your ventures!